Monday, October 29, 2007

Punishment in this world

Punishment for giving in to temptation is not reserved for the Day of Judgment. In this world too the price we pay is to make lesser human beings of ourselves. The loss of clarity, the loss of focus, the loss of direction all add up to limit our capacities to do anything meaningful. Giving in to temptation is initially distracting but eventually addictive and the person goes the way of all addicts. They lose control of their lives as they are consumed by their addictions.

The definition of temptation is to take small steps in the wrong direction. The power of temptation is to suck you in once you take that small step and make you think that you have the power to take out your toe if you have only dipped it in the quicksand. Small steps become giant steps, before you know it and giant steps mean that you will eventually embrace temptation as a way of life.

God promises forgiveness and redemption but only if you have not reached a point of no return. After that, God promises that He will not help you. Turn around NOW, while you may still have the power and don’t look back.

If there was no heaven or hell, no life after death, what would be the meaning of life?
Life would lose its higher purpose and people would be driven out of pure self interest which would start in self preservation but end up in greed.

Greed and self indulgence are obsessions which are difficult if not impossible to give up and the first thing they do is to dull the senses and people stop listening. They become arrogant and oblivious to reality and start living in a world created by themselves and pride themselves on the fact that it (their world) is Godless.


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