Monday, September 14, 2009

Are The Muslims up to it?

There is a message in this for all Muslims of the world. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire a decision seems to have been taken by the victors to enslave the Muslims and never allow them to even think of being free again. The Muslim territories contained oil and were rich in other natural resources which could fuel the economies of the victors.

Muslims nations world wide are now weak, Impotent and servile to the US and Isreal. No one is to blame for this more than the Muslims. The refusal to join the Industrial revolution, shows up in the weakness of the way Islam is interpreted. A 100 % focus on rituals has left Islam as nothing but a way of observing these rituals for the sake of observing them, in a mistaken belief that this all that God wants of us.

Forgotten are the lessons of Badr and Uhud. The fight has gone out of Muslims except a few. The few that are willing to fight are the ones who are the most ritualistic. On the other hand rituals are the main thing that has kept Islam alive. The faith of the many has sustained what the reasoning of the few would have fritterred away. I hope that this lesson is never forgotten. The fact that Islam has so much to offer to the world is lost both on Muslims and non Muslims alike.

There are those Muslims who would like to characterize Islam as a religion of peace. Whether they do it to appease those who accuse it of terrorism or they genuinely believe it, I do not know but I do know that that statement is incorrect and does an injustice to Islam. Islam is a Religion that seeks Jusice more than Peace. It advocates fighting against Injsutice. It advocates fighting to protect your religion and beliefs where they are threatened.
No Muslim should feel embarrased or apologetic in wanting to fight for their freedoms. Otherwise they deserve the humiliation and Injustice that is being waged on the Palestinians. ( a people composed not just of Muslims but also Jews and Christians).

In a world increasingly dominated by a powerful minority who are lording it over a powerless majority, the dirtiest word is now Democracy. The looming limitations of Capitalism, Secularism, Democracy are creating a vacum not fully visble to all but this vacum creates an opportunity for those who believe in Justice, whether they call themselves Muslim or not.
Let us be clear that Injustice cannot be overcome without a fight. Those who do not have a stomach for it should get out of the kitchen ( in fact they already have) including those who would like to call themselves Muslims but want to look the other way.

Those Muslims nations who take as their protectors the very nations who are responsible for most of the Injustices are a blot on the name of Islam. The powerful will never be the protectors of the powerless. It is only Islam that advocates that those that have a lot should and must share with those who have little. The powerless are the orphans of the world and one of Islams greatest message is to care for the orphans.

Are Muslims ready to fill this vacum ? Unfortunately I see no signs of it. Will Muslims be ready for the fight in a 100 years? If not, then they may never. Then they can keep their rituals and I hope that they will be very happy with them.