Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are the Muslims the Red Indians of the 21st Century?

By Khusro Elley

For centuries the Red Indians sat on the most valuable Real Estate in the world and did nothing with it. It took a bunch of adventurers , outcasts from society, religious exiles form their own countries to annihilate the Indians and start exploiting the riches of what has now come to be known as the United States of America.

Muslims from Nigeria to Indonesia are sitting on a wealth of oil and doing nothing better than investing their oil Revenues in US Treasuries for the benefit of the ruling elite of these countries. Unlike the Indians they( the Muslims) cannot be liquidated quietly, away from the eyes of the world. In the age of globalization, the liquidation will be seen by all on their TV screens and Internet screens and newspapers. The best way to liquidate them is to have them kill one another and keep arming which ever side starts losing.

The Palestinians (who have no oil) have already been herded into reservations after their lands were confiscated and are ready to slaughter one another. The Iraqis are slaughtering one another. The Afghanis are slaughtering one another. The Pakistanis are about to slaughter one another. The Bangladeshis will disappear as a result of global warming under mountains of sea water. The Saudis and the Gulf Countries are very few in numbers and can be dealt with later. The Saudis are ready to slaughter the Iranians in any case so let them do that first (with a lot of help). Liquidating 1.2 billion people is beginning to look viable. Hitler tried to do this with the Jews but he made the mistake of trying to do it with his own bare hands. The Muslim Holocaust has begun.

There is just one problem. The Muslims have an impressive History and they have a Book.
How many Muslims have to die before the Muslims realize that they are their own worst enemy? Between the Iran/Iraq war and the war on terrorism over 2 million Muslims have died mostly at the hands of one another. I don’t believe the message has gotten through. Maybe after another two million, the penny may begin to drop. If non Muslims were killing Muslims that might unite the Muslims temporarily because once the threat is removed they would turn on one another. This became evident when the Russians were repelled in Afghanistan. Now with Muslims killing Muslims there is a greater finality. Unite or perish.

How many Muslims need to get killed before the Muslim Ummah starts asking some obvious questions. Let us assume that after another three million are slaughtered, the remaining billion will begin to get worried. What are they likely to do? They can let the slaughter continue to see who comes out on top, if any one or they can overthrow and slaughter all the Muslim elite, who are basically agents of Foreign interests. In either event another five million Muslims will get killed before any one realizes that these were not the problem. My conservative estimate is that at least another eight million Muslims need to get killed and I mean slaughtered before people start realizing that there must be something wrong with Islam the way it is being practiced. Unfortunately there is no other choice.

From 1618 to 1648, the Europeans fought a thirty year war amongst themselves and happily killed one another ostensibly for religious reasons. The seeds originated with a man called Martin Luther.

“Martin Luther (1483-1546) stands in history as one of those unique forces, an individual who by force of will and by his ideas changed the world fundamentally. There are several ironies incumbent on Luther's pivotal role in history: 1) he doesn't really represent a break with the past, but rather a flash point where ideas and trends which had been smoldering in Europe for several centuries suddenly blazed aflame; 2) Luther initially saw himself as a great reformer of the Catholic church, a simple monk who thought the force of his ideas would single-handedly redirect the Leviathan of the church; in the end, however, he divided Christianity into two separate churches and that second division, Protestantism, would divide over the next four centuries into a near infinity of separate churches; 3) finally, Luther (and all the other reformers) saw themselves as returning Christianity to its roots, they believed that they were setting the clock back; in reality, their ideas irreparably changed the world and pushed it kicking and screaming, not into some ideal past, but into the modern era.” **

The difference with Islam is that there is no church to reform. The difference with Islam is that there is no movement from within Islam which wants to challenge its practices or malpractices. The difference is that Muslims are becoming aware of their vulnerabilities through others taking over their lands, their resources, their freedoms. The similarity is that the Muslims do want to look at their past for inspiration. They do want to go back to basics before they can move forward. The difference is that Muslims have been asleep and therefore colonized ever since the Industrial Revolution. So deep is their slumber that there is no way to reawaken them without killing ten million of them. ( by there own hands). If they do wake up, the battle would have just begun.

**Richard Hooker (Washington State University).

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