Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comments on Karachi Bombing of Bhutto Caravan

From: omar ali To: asiapeace Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 3:52:14 PMSubject: Bombs hit Bhutto caravan

I had said yesterday that we have to keep our fingers crossed about the bombers. Well, they have struck and many innocent people have lost their lives. My immediate reactions:

1. Condolences to the poor victims who travelled miles to take part in a caravan of democracy. They have been let down dozens of times by everyone including Benazir herself, but they have not lost hope. Benazir and her cohorts are not the best leaders in the country, but the poor followers of the Bhutto name are the best followers in our unfortunate country and they did not deserve this.
2. Musharraf and his army have brought pakistan to this point. 6 years (and billions in aid) later, this is the state of security in the largest city of the country.
3. Who is responsible? It could be the taliban and their nihilistic suicidal maniacs, but it could still be other forces as well. In all probability, we will never know for sure.
4. The immense welcome accorded to Benazir has shown (once again) that the biggest and most popular politician in Pakistan continues to be Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto...and he holds that position because 28 years later, no other political force has articulated the wishes of the great mass of the people. Instead, we have an endless parade of sycophants, incompetents, dead-end fanatics and tinpot napoleons. And now even that great hope of peaceful progressive politics (always more hope than reality, but how many millions are mobilized in that name every time they get half a chance?) is flickering and dying. Next, the bombers and their creators-turned-enemies will fight it out over the bodies of innocents killed while dancing in the streets. very very sad indeed...

Omar AliModerator, Asiapeace

Editors Comments

I agree with Dr Omar Ali, that the people responsible for the bombing could be anybody. Security was so lax that any one wanting to kill Benazir could have easily done it. At one mile an hour, she was a sitting duck. This was the work of some one who did not want Benazir dead. We can only speculate on what their motives might be.

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