Thursday, October 18, 2007

Musharraf May Move Against Pakistan Chief Justice Again

Editorial Comment

The War on Terror, has become a convenient excuse to justify bending all sorts of laws and derailing Democracy.
Since this is a war with no visible enemy, any body can be called a terrorist and locked up. In America the onus is on the Muslims to prove that they are not terrorists. In Palestine, the popularly elected Hamas does not even have that option.
Musharraf and Benazir in allying themselves so closely with the War on Terror and the American version of it run the risk of being painted as American Agents.
The argument that Musharraf will use Benazir and than keep her as an ally without giving her any real power is gratuitious. Once Benazir is in, Musharraf will become an even bigger candidate for assasination than he has been so far.

"It is learnt that government ( of Pakistan) is thinking of fixing the tenure of chief justice for two and a half years. Chaudhry was appointed on May 5, 2005. He will retire in 2012 but if the tenure of his office is reduced he will be forced to vacate office in November 2007. In that case, he will remain a Supreme Court judge. The government can reduce the tenure of the chief justice only through a constitutional amendment. A top government legal expert informed a high powered meeting that former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto removed Justice Anwar ul Haq in the 1970s by reducing the tenure of the chief justice through the 6th constitutional amendment. After the 6th amendment Justice Yaqoob Ali Khan became chief justice and the tenure was reduced to four years. When General Zia ul Haq imposed martial law in 1977, he again appointed Anwar ul Haq as the new chief justice and 6th amendment was cancelled through the 8th amendment. It was Justice Anwar ul Haq who pronounced the death penalty on Bhutto."
Hamid Mir,

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