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Capitalism at the expense of all life.

"There's no $700 billion plan to save the Earth - which sustains us all."

The 700 billion dollars is forever etched into the History of the world as an indicator of lost opportunities for the world we knew. For many it will evoke nostalgia of better times but for the vast majority it was a world full of untold nightmares.
The 700 billion dollars is the attempt to save a quality of life for the few. It is a decision of the ruling elite of the world ( the G7) to preserve a system whose utility has not been there for at least 28 years. It can be argued, with some justification, that if the system is not saved, it will result in a depression and mass unemployment and the people most hurt will be the people who are already on the margin.
For that reason I would have chosen an orderly transition, had I the choice, which I do not. Here is the choice that I and all of us do have. Let us jointly work on a replacement system before the forces of revolution bring turmoil and chaos. Let me first identify what has to be replaced;

The Capitalism of Greed
the destruction of the environment.

Imperialism is closely tied to the Capitalism of Greed but may be an easier and logical place to start. It already has a momentum. Worldwide protests for the withdrawal of all occupying forces from all areas but particularly Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq should take place. Again that is easier said than done. if America wants a graceful exit, that may no longer be possible. No where is the withdrawal of occupation more called for than Palestine and no where is that least likely than there unless America withdraws its aid to Israel. A renewal of the call to stop aid to Israel must take place with all force.
Imperialism does not stop at Military occupation. the Economic subjugation of Pakistan, Egypt and Jordan must stop. America must stop its support of Dictators and stand up for what it believes in, Democracy.

The age of separating Politics from Religion has not worked. Religion gives us the values that we have always lived by. Let us stop demonising Religion by highlighting the acts of extremists. That is not what the majority believes. Making secularism a religion as in France OR Turkey does not take Religion out of politics it simply creates a man made Religion. Let us define the problem.

What is the problem?

Our problem is not that we sin but when we do not seek forgiveness;
Our problem is not when we seek forgiveness but when we do not mean it;
Our problem is not that we go astray but when we stop our search for the right path;
Our problem is not that we become too worldly but when in that process we lose our humanity;
Our problem is not when we are too arrogant to fear Hell and to be motivated by Paradise , our problem is when we are not humble enough to hold ourselves to accountability.

The line between good and evil is a moving line. It gets crossed frequently without our realizing it. Those that are good can become evil several times a day. Those that are humble can become arrogant several times a day. Those that are kind can lapse into unkindness. The problem is not that we cross this line, the problem is when we are not rendered sleepless by the thought of having done this.

The problem is not there is injustice in the world, the problem is when we do not speak up against it;
The problem is not that there is poverty, the problem is when we do not share our wealth with the poor;

We remain in contention for the tests of life as long as we are in a position to seek forgiveness and be forgiven. This will remain as long as we do not incur the permanent displeasure of God. This only happens when we lose our humility and achieve a level of arrogance that challenges God.

The problem is not that we are too arrogant, the problem is when we deny the existence of God;

I cannot say it more forcefully. Secularism may mean enlightened self interest but without God it is nothing more than selfishness. Religion is the conscience of Society, if it does nothing more than make us feel bad about being selfish, it will have brought back balance in a society that has lost its balance.

The Capitalism of greed
We want to restore free enterprise, innovation, productivity, free markets, real competition. What we have is a rigged system of monopolies ( price fixing, price gouging) , conflicts of interest, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, Cronyism, special interest groups, the power of money to corrupt every one, muzzle the press, rig elections, racism, exclusion of the masses so as to include the privileged few, an increasing income gap between rich and poor.
Within a system like this it is no longer possible to elect a leader who dares to say that we have gone far far away from the America we were proud of. It is no longer possible in the system for a man or woman to say we have gone in the opposite direction to where we meant to to go and be elected President. The over riding influence of money in every thing has meant that our values can be purchased.

The destruction of the environment
When America has become used to consuming the majority of the worlds resources, it is only so that it citizen can enjoy a standard of life far higher than any other on the planet. Americans do not need what they consume. They therefore waste valuable resources which could have gone to the more needy. The biggest waste is that of energy. The American Auto Industry would rather go bankrupt than not build Gas Guzzling SUVs. Overheated and overcooled American homes, Offices and Malls consume millions of megawatts of electricity while half the world goes with out any. The American people would much rather become grossly overweight and become diabetic than have normal portions of food while half the world lives on one meal a day. Every day large portion of uneaten food is thrown into American garbage's while a large part of the world scratches around in garbages to eke out a living.
America is not alone in this race to consume at the cost of the many and most importantly at the cost of the Environment but America leads the way and America is the most in denial that it is a real problem for Humanity. In the
Western world, the idea of human influence on climate has gained wider public acceptance in Europe than in the United States.[The selfishness of Secularism teaches us that even if the rest of the world becomes a hell hole somehow we will be all right and that is all that matters.

This is my blue print for the start of an alternate system. Believe me I have a lot more detail
for each of these ideologies but I can no longer see Injustice done in the name of America just as as I cannot see intolerance done in the name of Islam. I want peoples help to work on this alternate. We need a just Society. We need a Society that is Politically just, Economically Just and Racially Just.

Let us also recognise what we have and cannot lose. The value given to Education must continue to be uppermost. The value given to free speach must continue to be uppermost. The value of hard work must continue to be uppermost. This land was built by immigrants and we should never forget that.

Last but not least , please read the excellent article which gave me an excuse to say what I have said. Thank you Zareen for sending it.


In the battle of the powerful against the powerless, the powerful cannot win because God is on the side of the powerless. KE

Friday, October 10, 2008, 1:57 AM
All so true!! Its high time that we let go of this kind of Capitalism where money making (at whatever cost) becomes the only way and purpose of life. Let the infected system die - no need for bail outs - may be we need to redefine the new rules of the game and take a fresh start. The bail outs, in any case, will probably not benefit the common person on the street. It seems the foundation of the system was not sound in the first place. There needs to be a human and moral dimension to it as well. Zareen

Financial Black Holes: Capitalism's Event HorizonDate: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 10:24:26 +0500

The Killing Horizon: Capitalism At The Expense Of All Life
By Juan Santos

The bottom line is profit. Profit and the lust for it is capitalism’s event horizon. Like the boundary of a black hole – which is roughly what the term “event horizon” means in the theory of general relativity, any energy, information or meaning that passes the threshold of a consciousness driven by profit disappears into the super-gravitational field of the black hole itself – never to be seen or heard of again.

Nothing can be seen once it enters this realm, and nothing, having entered, ever escapes. No light, no sign, no dawn of understanding can re-emerge. Anything, any light, any object, any thought, any meaning, purpose, or any human feeling is swallowed and for all practical purposes, obliterated there.

No communication can transpire between inside and outside.

The event horizon of profit-consciousnes s functions as an inviolate barrier between what appear to be mutually exclusive worlds. Those of us on this side of the event horizon can only guess, but never really know, what happens on the other side. What we know of what is inside the black hole of the capitalist consciousness can only be inferred from what seems to happen at its horizon. We are left to assume that what happens there is annihilation, or its equivalent. It seems that the only thing that can enter that realm is money- life stripped of all meaning except a numerical designation, like a concentration camp inmate with a serial number tattooed on her forearm.

There are things we can infer from this side of the horizon about what happens on the other side, in the black hole of the capitalist mentality - things that show up outside that tell us something about what happens within it. Things like the concentration camp victim, like the mass graves in Guatemala, the unearthed Mayan corpses left by death squads… they seem to emerge from the black hole and give us a glimpse of what is inside: and, beyond that, sometimes we almost get real glimpses in. We get glimpses of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, of someone’s recollection of headless frogs spewing blood after the psychopathic child, George W. Bush, has lit a firecracker he’s inserted in their mouths and hurled them through the air. We know these things – we glimpse them, those of us who are paying the strictest kind of attention. But, mostly, nothing escapes, or that which seems to escape the pull of the black hole for a moment is immediately sucked back in to the realm of oblivion as if it never happened.

But, as often as not, we can tell what matters to those in the center of civilization’ s black gravity – its centers of “power”, by what doesn’t happen out here in the real world - on this edge of the horizon -as much as by what does happen.

Notice. Notice what is taken “seriously” by the denizens of the dark center of “power” – if anything beyond the next quarterly profit and loss statement can be said to be taken seriously at all.

Notice where the $700 billion in “bailout” money is going. The black hole people feared would swallow the Earth when the CERN particle accelerator was launched in Europe didn’t appear there. It appeared thousands of miles away – on Wall Street - and the $700 billion is going into that black hole, never to be seen again.

It’s going to fix problems that have no real existence, that are tied to values that have no real existence. Down the rabbit hole, the black hole, into the land of illusion, the land of swindles, the land of lies, of the selling of the negation of values, of mirrors upon mirrors, into the unreal land of black magic, where it will impact nothing but the “faith” of capitalist financiers and wizards in their ability to live on - and to sustain themselves with - lies and illusion in a system that is fundamentally not sustainable. They call this psychic trick- this denial - “faith” in the markets, liquidity and credit (and to give credit, of course, means nothing but to put faith or belief in something or someone) – even as the credit markets are drying up. They are drying up because no one who is sane can any longer believe the lie. The whole thing is incredible, unbelievable. Such faith is nothing more or less than faith in a lie. The whole thing is based on what Ayn Rand – the late high priestess of capitalism, cruelty, arrogance, free markets and the “virtue” of selfishness, called, ironically enough, given the context, the “blank out.”

All it takes is one stroll down Wall Street to get that Wall Street is “America’s” temple district – The sense of being on “holy” ground is palpable - and all it takes is one glance to get that none of the financial wizards really knows what’s going on… they know not what they have wrought, they know not whom they have robbed; they have invented a house of lies so complex that they themselves can no longer follow the plot or the floor plan. What we know – and what they know, and what Bush knows and Obama and McCain - what they all know- is that the $700 billion is going to cover the lie, is going to keep their asses out of prison, is going to prevent revolt against their system, which profits at the expense of all of us. It’s not going to so-called “Main Street,” and - even if it did - who’s on Main Street, if not merely the junior, local and regional versions of the players on Wall Street – the ones getting their hands dirty – the ones that exploit us face to face, rather than from the remote heights of the now-obliterated World Trade Center?

Yes, who’s on Wall Street, who’s on Main Street, who’s on ghetto streets and barrio streets, and who, after all is on Skid Row, or on a dirt street in a third world village, living on $2 a day - $2, not $700 billion – not even $200 billion, not even $200 or a twenty dollar bill. 2 dollars. A day. Or less.

Of course, outside the black hole, outside the house of mirrors, it’s plain to see. All profit comes at someone else’s expense. They have robbed the poor blind – that’s why they are poor. They have gutted the Earth of its soil, plant life, energy, forests and water tables: we are left with deserts and a $700 billion black hole. That’s why the Earth is dying. They profit, as the traditional Hopi elders told us, at the expense of all life. That’s where the limos, and the mansions (whether its one mansion like Obama’s or 13 of them like McCain’s) come from: at the expense of all life. That’s what happens.

Now, notice what doesn’t happen.

Humanity faces a real crisis - one that threatens not only Wall Street, but all life on Earth. Call it Global Warming, call it Peak Oil, call it running out of water on a global scale, call it the collapse of industrial agriculture. call it fisheries collapsing, call it mass extinction. Call it the potential of planetary death. Call it what is inside the Black Hole made visible, palpable in its meaning. Call it the real event horizon. Call it the Killing horizon. It’s every bit as complex in all of its intersections as the financial “crisis,” but, unlike the financial “crisis,” it’s real.

And what happens?

Nothing. No significant action. At all.

There's no $700 billion plan to save the Earth - which sustains us all.

The only thing that has ever mattered to the rulers of this empire – and of every other empire- is profit, and profit, we will recall, always comes at someone’s expense – ours, the indigenous peoples in every corner of the planet whose lands and lives have been usurped,
at the expense of the enslaved, from Babylon to the USA, at the expense of Polar Bears, Wolves, Buffalo, Dolphins, Bears – and now even the Chimpanzee faces extinction, along with Whales, and as much as 50% of all living species before this century – and this system - is finished with them. Profit. At the expense. Of all life.

The capitalists can’t look at the meaning of it. They can’t bear to see the meaning and impact of their lives and how they live them. Blank out. They don’t know and can’t know, any more than George W. Bush can really afford to know what was happening when he stuck firecrackers in frog’s mouths and sent them sailing through the air with the fuse sparkling (that, after all, is why he drinks – not to know.) Maybe he imagined as a boy that the frogs were B24 bombers in WW2, and that when the firecracker exploded, it was flak hitting the nose of the plane, right where the navigator sat, and that the blood was the navigator’s blood. Maybe he couldn’t bring himself to look at the shattered skulls, the exposed spines, the blood, and know what he had done. Or maybe he looked, and delighted in what he saw. We’ll never know. It’s lost in the black hole. Maybe the financial wizards think of derivatives and scam mortgages like Bush thought of frogs. The thrill, the drama of making a kill, of scamming, lying, getting over on others less powerful – the nobodies - the frog people - like you and me, the frog people who live on Elm Street, on ghetto and barrio streets, on Skid Row, on dirt streets, and along trails in the Amazon jungle and paths in the high Andes of Bolivia. I say probably so – that the financiers see us just that way.

But, maybe we’ll never know. It seems to have disappeared in the black hole of denied memory, impossibility and lies, just as Bush’s childhood memories lay hidden in the dense black hole of unresolved alcoholism. But we know this; for them, regular people - and animals, forests, polar bears, wolves and glaciers – are invisible. We’re on the other side of their event horizon, and they don’t care what happens to us. They are pulling us all inexorably into the gravity well from which no light escapes. They call the collapse of their house of financial lies a “crisis.” In the U.S., people like the Republican vice presidential candidate call the Killing horizon – the potential of planetary death - a “hoax.”

But, on a planetary scale, as everything unravels and is thrown into increasingly radical imbalance, people are starting to understand that what we see is what we get. And they are starting to see what has remained hidden in the realms of dark gravity and power. The event horizon, the Killing horizon, is drawing ever nearer.

And people are starting to decide for themselves what constitutes a hoax and what is, in fact, an actual crisis. We are deciding what and who needs and deserves a rescue –a “bailing out” – It's not the wizards and merchants of death; it's the frogs, lizards, plants, forests, beavers, bears, and human children.

You decide who and what nurtures us all and who and what destroys us. You decide. Is it saner to hug a tree, a cold stone building on Wall Street, or a stock certificate? Look at it. You decide. Everything that matters to you depends on the nature of your decision.

What Is the problem ?

What is the problem?

Our problem is not that we sin but when we do not seek forgiveness;
Our problem is not when we seek forgiveness but when we do not mean it;
Our problem is not that we go astray but when we stop our search for the right path;
Our problem is not that we become too worldly but when in that process we lose our humanity;
Our problem is not when we are too arrogant to fear Hell and to be motivated by Paradise , our problem is when we are not humble enough to hold ourselves to accountability.

The line between good and evil is a moving line. It gets crossed frequently without our realizing it. Those that are good can become evil several times a day. Those that are humble can become arrogant several times a day. Those that are kind can lapse into unkindness. The problem is not that we cross this line, the problem is when we are not rendered sleepless by the thought of having done this.

The problem is not there is injustice in the world, the problem is when we do not speak up against it;
The problem is not that there is poverty, the problem is when we do not share our wealth with the poor;

We remain in contention for the tests of life as long as we are in a position to seek forgiveness and be forgiven. This will remain as long as we do not incur the permanent displeasure of God. This only happens when we lose our humility and achieve a level of arrogance that challenges God.

The problem is not that we are too arrogant, the problem is when we deny the existence of God;


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Future prospects for the US Economy

Stiglitz was SVP and Chief Economist of the World Bank. His greater claim to fame is as winner of the Nobel prize for Economics. He has also computed the cost of the Iraq War are $ 3 trillion and has documented it in a whole book.

He is the only person whose analyses of the current economic situation makes sense to me.
I like the format in his recent lecture given in Geneva ( Oct 5, 2008) and I will use it to consolidate the views that I have expressed over the past few months.
I travel a path different than his but basically end up with similar conclusions.

Stiglitz proposed four parts to his one-hour lecture:

· Diagnosis of the crisis: what went wrong?
· Why the bailout package is doomed to fail
· What should have been done instead
· The prospects for the US and Europe

What went wrong

Capitalism as practiced in the US is broken.
Greed has become the overall driving force of society
Every one is on the take and there is no recognition of conflict of Interest.

During the last decade, financial markets have generated 30% of all corporate profits in the US, there was little value for society,

Government runs a 9.3$ trillion deficit while household savings are close to zero.

The real track record of Wall Street being unable to allocate capital. Stiglitz admitted that today, the problem was larger and more systematic.

Wall Street was only concerned with maximizing resources, There was no innovation in a way that was actually beneficial to society.

Transparency was lost and we ended up with a number of extremely complex financial instruments that no one understood, not even the banks (what Warren Buffet called “the weapons of mass destruction of the financial system).

predatory lending. All the while, house prices went up and income for the average American went down during the past 8 years.

flawed probability models, as bankers only accounted for the statistical values of the past 20 or so years, completely disregarding history and thus having little understanding of the tales of probability distribution.

non-recourse mortgages

rating agencies were essentially paid by he same people who were supposed to be rated, thus creating a conflict of interest and a race to the bottom

The entire incentive structure was favoring an excessive risk taking scheme and a short term asymmetric compensation scheme

Inadequate regulations, which was in turn fuelled by a deeper macroeconomic problem: markets were flooded with liquidity by the FED, because the underlying macroeconomic fundamentals were faulty and based on the flawed ideology

Why the bail out will not work

The people who caused the problem are in charge of the bail out. The conflict of interest problem continues.
There is no recognition that the Political system is also broken. The special interest groups that resist real reform will resist them again and make it impossible for the right solution to emerge.


Underlying ideology. This ideology presumed a trickle-down effect and stipulates that by infusing Wall Street with cash, the wealth would somehow trickle down to the people.

The plan didn’t address the root of the problem, the foreclosures,

The bill didn’t propose an effective stimulus package for the real economy.

What should have been done.

The current Administration is not in a position to do anything except play for time, which is what they have done.
It is the next Administration who will inherit the mess.


The acknowledgement of the importance of nation states to bail out financial institutions
The need for a strong stimulus package that stops worrying about inflation (which was a concern of the past) and instead focuses on stimulating the real economy
A need to effectively address the foreclosure problem
A reversal of the tax reduction scheme
But the most essential aspect for Stiglitz was a restoration of confidence.

Future prospects

The days of the US as sole super power are over. Military defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon mean that weak nations are able to resist occupation. Without the power to exploit others, the entire definition of productivity will change.
The US is in denial about it’s lost status and will therefore be unable to come to terms with the real solution, which is an orderly withdrawal from trying to impose it’s solutions on the world. The Economic outlook is therefore very poor.


The prospects are bleak both in the US and in Europe, according to Stiglitz. However, Stiglitz ended on a positive note, mentioning that we are not necessarily headed towards a recession/depressio n, if, but only if, we used our knowledge of the past wisely.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letter to my son

"Never trust America. You make it your ally at your peril. You believe it at your risk. It is a standing hazard."

Humayun Gauhar's father, Altaf Gauher was a brilliant man but nevertheless became an American stooge. The sad reality is that America at it's peak was irresistible and Pakistan became one of it's biggest victims. India was able to resist successfully.

Will it take a full American attack on Pakistani soil to unite Pakistan? I am afraid it will take nothing short of that. Will it take the destruction of another few Muslim countries to unite Muslims. I am afraid it will take nothing short of that. My scenario of the upcoming blood bath of Muslims is exactly this. It is not a prescription that I recommend. It is simply inevitable. It is the nature of the American beast.

The denial within America that it is no longer Number one is complete. The Muslims cling to past glories even after 1400 years, how can the American forget while their buildings and highways are still intact? The danger of this denial is acts of desperation in wanting to attack Iran and Pakistan never mind the Economic cost to America or the cost in lives of Iranians and Pakistanis.

One million Pakistanis will die in the coming years. That is almost certain. The only question is will they die in vain. Will those who survive have learned a lesson never to be forgotten? Do they need to die for others to learn?


Subject: LETTERS TO MY SON:Humayun Gauhar
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 06:02:53 +0000

Subject: LETTERS TO MY SON THE NATION Sunday, 14th September 2008
Humayun Gauhar
The Americans boots are coming , an event long predicted. Prepare
Humayun Gauhar

My dear Ali:
You have been bombarding me with questions about the US and NATO attack
on us. Look, son, they attacked us a long time ago. The only difference
is that now they have escalated and exacerbated the situation by
actually putting boots on our soil. Given Admiral Mullen's remorseless
statement, its entirely possible that this will happen again. Given
Bush's statement that the next president's biggest challenge would be
Pakistan and if there were another 9/11 it would come from FATA, it is
certain. Given General Kiyani's admirable response, it is also entirely
possible that Pakistan will retaliate. Then America may escalate from
helicopter gunships to F-16s or even stealth bombers. I hope this
doesn't happen, for it spells near total destruction for us, or at
least part of our country, all of which are equally dear to us. The
situation is so dangerous that apparently European NATO has distanced
itself from it, except Britain. They know that P
akistan will make Iraq
look like a picnic and Afghanistan like a massage parlour. The New York
Times, which reflects the US establishment' s thinking, claims that Bush
authorized entry of American military personnel into Pakistan. To
discredit Kiyani, whom they were lionizing only a few days ago, they
also claimed that he knew about the bombing of the Indian embassy in
Kabul, allegedly by the ISI.
Can we stand up to them, you ask, and cite the example of Iran? I have
told you that Iran has the most potent weapon in the world. It's called
Unity. They demonstrated it in their war with America's puppet Saddam's
Iraq. They are undefeatable. So were the Vietnamese for exactly the
same reason. Unity is one of the three words of our national motto, the
others being faith and discipline. We have none of them. But if we can
forge unity in our ranks, faith and discipline will inevitably follow.
Then no power on earth can defeat us. Though we seem incapable, an
American attack might do just that: bring us together as a nation like
nothing ever has. I told you I am an incorrigible optimist in even the
bleakest situations. So should you be. So should all young men and
If we cannot forge unity, then we will face a situation far more
dangerous than in 1971 when our country was rend asunder. We refused to
respect the verdict of the people, lost a war against India and half
our country with it
. Why? Because we attacked our own people for the
'crime' of having voted for their choice so they were not with us when
war came. Then India was backed by a the Soviet Union, while our great
friend and ally the United States stood by twiddling its thumbs. Now we
are being attacked directly by the sole and strongest-ever superpower,
our old friend and ally America. And again the people of the Frontier
may not be with us for the grievous harm that has been caused them.
There is still time to reclaim their emotional allegiance.
General Kiyani's statement was the voice of the people, just what they
wanted to hear. They have become skeptical over the years, and who can
blame them? If American soldiers set foot in Pakistan again and
Kiyani's words become bullets, the people will be galvanized
instantaneously. It will then be for the government to mobilize a
galvanized people, unify them and fire them with nationalist zeal. It
will have to open many other fronts, diplomatic and media especially.
Which means it will have to open the strategic communications front to
manage perceptions in our favour before they are formed against us. The
war will be won. So, finally, will real independence, for we would have
paid a price for it. And that is when we will treasure Pakistan as more
precious than our lives, not precious because it has been good to live
off for a few. If we fail, then we are staring certain sl
avery in the
Let's get down to brass tacks. The US wanted five things from
Musharraf. When he wouldn't comply they engineered his removal.
One: They want to distance us from our best and true friend China,
especially from our strategic relationship with it, like Gwadar Port.
Gwadar is a deep-sea port that can house nuclear submarines and is
closest to the mouth of the Straits of Hormuz, the main shipping lane
on which oil from the Middle East and the Caspian Basin goes to the
world. Musharraf didn't agree. Result: every new prime minister of ours
first goes to China on an official visit and Saudi Arabia on a
religious visit to underline Pakistan's close relationship with these
two countries. The new prime minister hasn't been to China yet on an
official visit (the one to the Olympics opening ceremony was last
minute and forced, when Musharraf couldn't go) and there seems to be no
urgency to undertake one. Zardari said he would go to China immediately
after taking oath as president. That has been cancelled and he is going
to the UK instead, the country which started the rot. But China is
mature and wise. It knows that this is an aberration caused by
ideological confusion and lack of identity, purpose and direction. In
any case, it will not simply stand by and watch Pakistan go down the
drain and let its encirclement be complete after investing so much in
Two: They want to
question Dr. A. Q. Khan and through him 'persuade'
the UN Security Council to pass a resolution asking America to bring
our nuclear assets under International Atomic Energy Agency (read US)
supervision and control. They want to defang our nuclear programme.
Musharraf didn't agree. The new government's slain leader had already
said that she would allow the IAEA to question Dr. Khan under certain
Three: They want to castrate our ISI and place it indirectly under
their control and then too our army in the war on terror. Musharraf
didn't agree. Result: the new government tried to place the ISI under
the control of the interior ministry. There was a hue and cry. The
notification has still not been rescinded. Remember, a handful of
British controlled India through intermediaries, the class of Indians
they had created, basically us, which was English in every respect
except for the colour of their skins.
Four: They want to be 'invited' to enter Pakistani territory to hunt
down terrorists. Musharraf didn't agree. Result: come the new
government and they have already landed in three helicopter gunships in
Pakistan's Angoor Adda, targeted a particular house and blown up part
of it, and killed 20 civilians, women and children included. And while
our foreign minister was fulminating and our corps commanders were
meeting, their missile attacks continued.
In short, they want to occupy Pakistan without bothering to
conquer it
and put a puppet government here to do it's bidding, as they have in
Afghanistan and Iraq. Musharraf is gone and the popular perception is
that the US has finally managed to install a government of its choice
under the garb of democracy, its latest weapon, shamelessly forgetting
how they used to support dictatorships to fighting communism. The
re-visitation of its earlier weapons, the IMF and the World Bank with
their inhuman conditions, through which America creates perpetual
economic dependence, is already upon us. Soon food will also become a
weapon: Kissinger said years ago, 'Control the food and you control the
nations.' Is it symbolically significant that the running dog of US
neo-imperialist capitalism was chief guest at the new President's
oath-taking ceremony?
Lets stop lamenting and blaming others and ask: what lesson do I learn
from this?
One: Never trust America. You make it your ally at your peril. You
believe it at your risk. It is a standing hazard. It has every right to
ask you to do things that are in its interest. You should agree if and
only if it is in your interest too, not otherwise. More importantly,
never agree on the basis of IOUs: get what you have to get first, or
simultaneously, and then go ahead. They use us. That is their right. We
get used. That is our stupidity. Learn to use them. That is our right.
Israel does it to perfection, not because America lov
es it but because
it fears as many as three million of them. They're brilliant.
Two: Every single government in Pakistan has committed suicide. They
are like Lemmings. They have a death wish. They don't work with
pragmatism, consensus or wisdom. They always take things to breaking
Three: Learn this most important of all lessons. It's all very well to
blame others for your woes, but no one will help you, not even the
Almighty, unless you start helping yourself first. No one will put your
house in order for you. You have to do it yourself. Pakistan is
crawling with extremists, militants and terrorists of all hues and many
nationalities. Our compatriots in the Frontier give them refuge under a
misplaced sense of 'hospitality' . We have millions of Afghans. Send
them back now that their country has been 'liberated' and they are
enjoying the joys of 'democracy'. There are many others too, westerners
included. Get rid of them also. Pakistan is rived with CIA agents
everywhere, deeper and wider than you can imagine. Clean up your
country in your own interest, not anyone else's. If you can't, or
don't, please spare us the bellyaching.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Calling for a new Economic Order

"There is an element of an unnaturally high level of living standard and national expenses and other unhealthy materialism at the expense of others and the environment that is coming home to roost in all these events. With or without this bail-out we are arguably headed off an economic cliff in the near future."

These are all sensible comments and they are in line with what I have been saying. My main theme is the battle of the powerful against the powerless. This is the war that is going on. The concept of Justice in one case comes from the justice of the powerful and is based on the assumption of Human Power while in the other case the concept of Justice is the Justice of the powerless and it is based on the assumption of Divine power.
Economic Justice can only come from the powerless as long as they are not greedy. It can seldom come fro the powerful as they are inclined to be both greedy and arrogant. Greed and Arrogance create injustice.
Thanks for sharing.
Khusro--- On Thu, 10/2/08

Namaskar Madhusudanaji,

I don't see a metamorphosis of capitalism into PROUT as much as a transfer of wealth from American taxpayers to prop up, to socialize the costs of the failures of capitalism's predatory excesses, much as had been done during previous bubble bursting periods such as the late 1980's Savings and Loans bailouts... In this case there is an additional ingredient of a type of state capitalist intervention to protect foreign investment in US markets so as not to scare away those all important international lenders who have infused 3 trillion dollars into the economy in recent years and fund the governent, and trade imbalances. Rather than run financial services as a state run industry locally regulated as needed to meet local needs to bolster principles of self-sufficiency and economic democracy/sovereign ty, fiscal responsibility geared toward actual social needs in a rational fashion for the purpose of the welfare of all, this bailout is largely meant to save the current state of affairs of heavy reliance on foreign investors, to insulate from the possibility of a run on the banking system as a whole (internationally) , and spur the movement of credit. In this case, it seems the Paulson plan even if it was to take a sharehold in various institutions in the name of the US taxpayers, which may be profitable for the state perhaps, the intent is to reserve the profits to the private sector by limiting the profitable return of taxpayer 'investment' while socializing the risk, limiting public return. I know that with AIG the government took a majority share of the failed company, but its not clear that the Congressional plan which may likely be passed will plan to just purchase majority control of the companies, or may just be a supply of emergency credit via the Fed. I haven't checked the details yet and suspect that the US gov will not be a controlling stakeholder in the institutions it bails out.

You're right that we don't want capitalism to fail in the sense of utterly collapsing so that people are without essential items, without jobs, etc., and hurt people's ability to survive, etc. But we do want a fundamental altering of our economic, social, spiritual collective lives which requires the demise of capitalism as an old shirt which must come off to make way for the new shirt to be put on. There is an element of an unnaturally high level of living standard and national expenses and other unhealthy materialism at the expense of others and the environment that is coming home to roost in all these events. With or without this bail-out we are arguably headed off an economic cliff in the near future.

"The movement for economic democracy will never come from Washington DC or from Wall Street. That's got to come from grass roots movements to develop the concept of local economies. That's where I think the effort of PU should be."

Absolutely. Its time to be the change.


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Namaskar Anantaji,It could be argued that if the government acquires an ownership stake in the companies it bails out, that this is a step towards government ownership of large financial institutions, which is part of PROUT. Could it be that we are beginning to see the metamorphosis of capitalism into PROUT? Then what would be necessary is the transformation of the political system. I'm of the belief that if PROUT is to be the successor to capitalism, then we don't want capitalism to "fail", because that would make the job of PROUTists that much more difficult in rebuilding the economy. Rather we should try for the transformation of the economic and political structures. If that fails, then revolution would be the likely outcome.The movement for economic democracy will never come from Washington DC or from Wall Street. That's got to come from grass roots movements to develop the concept of local economies. That's where I think the effort of PU should be.In Him,MadhusudanaAlex J wrote:

It had appeared to me that the current crisis of the banking industry, with major banks failing one after another and not all at once seemed to be somewhat of an orchestrated series of avoid the panic of a collective collapse all at once so as to space them out some and a more scheduled collapse which could be 'managed' at each point, be met with the perception of meaningful government intervention. The major US banks have been failing at a rate of about one a week for 5-6 weeks, and each time the government had had a plan to take care of the events in advance even while the Treasury has a list of another 115 banks on the verge of failing or in trouble. Each time the public announcements have been on weekends with markets closed giving the Fed/Treasury opportunity to announce the corresponding 'plan' to meet the problems. Last week we had the largest banking failure in the history of the world with the demise of Washington Mutual, and more seem to be on the way and certainly there must be much that the public isn't being told yet as part of the plan of maintaining certain levels of perception to avoid panic. It seemed to be a very orderly demise, and the perception of the government intervening to protect credit and some of the larger companies seemed equally to assuage the panic and consternation of foreign 'investors', etc...check out http://www.politico .com/news/ stories/0908/ 13690.html .

One question we might ask is well, should the bail-out be supported... a bailout of over 1 trillion dollars (315 billion already), costing most Americans a few thousand dollars per woman, child, and man? I think that as Proutists we could argue that a bail-out of the financial sector, the commercial centers and some of the largest and most wealthy corporations must be avoided in favor of securing some protections of the economy of jobs, housing, access to minimum necessities of life (including heating assistance), etc. What we are witnessing is a going to be a deflation of the dollar as the Fed will have to inevitably print money for a bailout of one of the most wealthy sectors of the economy...socialism for the very rich while socialism for the lower classes is denied.

Of course, its a complex issue of what strategy should be used to ease the stress of people during a period when the economic bubble is finally beginning to pop.Yet the numbers we have already had to swallow --1.2 trillion dollars of the federal budget is related directly or indirectly to military expenditure and entitlements, another 30% of the 2 trillion national government budget goes to paying barely more than just the interest on the national debt also mostly caused by military expenditures largely during the Reagan years, with only 10-15% of every taxed dollar going to some aspect of the welfare state or discretionary national spending. With these bail outs the deficit this year will already be over a trillion dollars even without a 700 billion dollar bailout...all this when according the the UN about 60 billion dollars would help to alleviate the worst of world poverty! Most of the strategies being discussed, essentially revolve around trying to save the system of international globalization linked directly to the US economy and US domestic consumption which may be largely impacted with a collapsing credit market for both businesses and consumers. If there is a downturn in the US economy the whole international capitalist system may collapse, and along with it the dollar. It seems we have finally arrived at the beginning of an unavoidable breaking point....


I have been predicting the decline of America for a year now but I must say that I have been taken by surprise at the speed of events. The combination of Military, Political and Economic decline seem to have come together right at the end of the Bush Presidency although the rot started well before him.

I agree with Dr. Omar that this is nothing to celebrate as the domino affect on the world will be felt by the weakest and vulnerable the most. Unfortunately the nature of the animal is such that at whatever time this happened it would not be an orderly transition. It would not be orderly because the Americans are in denial that they are no longer a super power and it does not help that they stutter around the world behaving as if they are. They can make the transition orderly or they can make it worse. They seem to have chosen to make it worse.

For the time being we are transitioning from a unipolar world to a multipolar world. Life without a super power would be very good if a group of countries like the Bric Countries, the Gulf countries and the US and the G7 joined forces to fill the vacuum.
The US is not even ready to take responsibility that it is the cause today of causing the break up of countries and the dislocation of millions of people. It is not ready to take responsibility that it is the cause today of world Economic turmoil. Bush admits to no mistakes even while he plots to destabilize Russia.

I have therefore given up any hope of an orderly transition. Incidentally I had also predicted that
the fall of the US will be accompanied by widespread chaos and bloodletting. When things are not allowed to evolve there has to be a revolution and this is what we are witnessing. The US with it's insistence on solving singlehandedly all the worlds problems as they see them and solving them by force gives no chance to evolution and literally invites a revolution.

For the first time in the History of the world, this revolution is difficult to comprehend because it is faceless. There is no emerging power waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces, there is no heir apparent but the age of super powers is over. It is not just the US which is in denial, all of us who lead comfortable lives ( at the cost of millions) are in denial about the threat to our way of life.

I wish I had the authority to come up with recommendations that would make a transition orderly and relatively painless but I do not. I do have the clarity to warn people of the coming events. Noah's floods will look like filling a bath tub with water in comparison to the events which will unfold before our eyes. A month ago, people could have fairly accused me of gloom and doom even though I am an optimist by nature but I have to tell you that in my scenario what was supposed to happen in 2018 is happening in 2008.

The question is no longer whether the catastrophe is upon us ( it is), the question is what happens next. The question is no longer whether it can be stopped or resolved, the question is which side of justice are we on. In the battle of the powerful against the powerless, the powerless will win but at a huge cost to both sides.