Thursday, December 24, 2009

The reason for the failure of Copenhagen

Stilwell says that rich countries are trying to exchange "beads and blankets for Manhattan." He adds: "This is a colonial moment. That's why no stone has been left unturned in getting heads of state here to sign off on this kind of deal.... Then there's no going back. You've carved up the last remaining unowned resource and allocated it to the wealthy."

Under the leadership of America, nothing can be expected except an un equal distribution of everything. America has come to stand for inequality and the virtues of self interest only even if it comes at the cost of depriving millions of minimal existence.
In many ways the negotiations on the environment represents the pits in offering leadership to a problem that affects the preservation of our planet. The Chinese appear to understand the magnitude of the problem more than America and yet an American, Al Gore, was given a prize, for talking glibly about global warming.
The tragedy is that a large part of America would want to do the right thing and yet our political system does not give them a voice. The eight years of Bush were spent in denial for dealing with the most serious problem faced by our planet and now that Obama is willing to at least accept that this is a problem, we have a weak President unable to break free of interests of the Corporations.


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