Friday, December 18, 2009

A new world order?

Several interesting points from viewing the video. Please see the video first.

1. The world as a whole is a better place today in terms of wealth and health than it was in 1858.
2. Imperialism helped the West and hurt Asia ( except Japan). Victory in two world wars put the West in control of making rules on how the game is to be played. The rules were slanted giving the West a huge edge.
3. Sovereignty is critical for the growth of a nation. A freer world ( free of Imperial domination, whether military or Economic) will lead to greater prosperity for every one as the rules will be more even.
4. The possibility of war to maintain the status quo of the West has already been tried. Fear of the emergence of China partly influenced the attack on Iraq. The idea was to occupy the Middle East ( including Iran) so that Energy supplies could be controlled to the disadvantage of China and India. This attempt has failed bar the shouting.

A new world order is emerging not just because nations like China and India are gaining a bigger say in making the rules but also because the West in their panic are making colossal mistakes hurting their credibility and calling into question the robustness of their institutions.



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