Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Will the Muslims ever speak with one voice?

"How many of us should die and suffer for the Arab nation to wake up and take its destiny in its own hands?"

This is a question that I first asked myself in 2001. I did not think that a few million deaths would make any difference. I felt that the deaths needed to be humiliating. Women and children and old people needed to be slaughtered and made homeless. Even then it would not make a difference. Perhaps if all the women were raped before they were killed and all the men were brutually tortured before they were mercilessy killed and the Quran was despoiled before their eyes, then it would make a difference. I believed it would not but I did believe that it was a neccessary preamble to the awakening.

In the next 8 years George Bush as an agent of Destiny made it happen. He could not complete the course as I believe that one million Pakistanis need to die and probably will die. The cost of Muslim lives unfortunately has to be very heavy to wake up the Muslim world. The West believes that no amount of killing and humiliation will wake up the Muslims and are therefore quite relaxed about the Muslim Holocaust.

What the West did not reckon with was how much the killer is affected by the killing. Human beings, no matter how brainwashed they are by their love of wealth and money still have a ceratin level of Humanity. They will have to become dehumanized by their own inhumanity. Not every one in the West has sold their conscience and their morality. Not every one believes their own lies. To me, the cost of one helpless child or woman whether Muslim or not killed by the forces of the powerful are too many. That this is not so to the victim and perpetrator is the sign of how much both have fallen in their self esteeem. The one crushed by their ignorance and poverty, the other subsumed by their arrogance and affluence.

Unfortunately it is a neccesary part of the ultimate solution that the killings will continue. The arrogant must continue to be arrogant and the poor must continue to be humiliated to take this to it's logical conclusion. A just world will only rise from the debrise of Injustice. The poor must become defiant by the day and the affluent must become poorer by the day for there to be a more level playing field. It is no coincidence that one of the poorest countries of the world ( Afghanistan) is the most defiant against the richest countries of the world ( the US and Nato) and the rich countries continue planning to kill more and more of the people and lose what ever is left of their morality and their riches.

Things have come to a pass where it is the failed States of the world who will call the shots by becoming stateless. Non State actors who are being called terrorists and pirates will control the attention of the world. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia,Palestine are just the tip of the iceberg, of failed States who are being allowed to fail because they are Muslim. Sudan, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey are ready to follow suit. Islam has replaced Communism as public enemy # 1 for the West. The resistance to Hamas, to the Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamists in Algeria and Somalia and the Taliban in Afghanistan are all symbols of the paranoia in the West of a phantom enemy who wants nothing but to develop outside the influence of the West.

There is an unmistakeable pattern in all of this which speaks to the original question. How Many Muslims must be killed to unite one billion people across 5 continents ? The shoe throwing Iraqi, represented the combined hatred of a segment of the world which sees itself targeted for abuse. New orders are not built on hatred and revenge but on Justice and fairness. This is the biggest challenge for the Muslims. Islam exists today in form and not in spirit. The form has been critical for their survival but the spirit has to be awakened if Muslims are ever to take their rightful place in the world.


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