Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Failed States

This problem will not just be limited to Muslim States but there are other Somalias in Africa. The rich and poor divide across the world will become very ugly as people who are already on the border line of hunger become really hungry. The US will incur the wrath of peoples anger and when they overthrow their governments as they surely will, the people who come to power will be unfriendly to the US. This can have a domino affect not unlike what happened in South America. If Pakistan goes into unfriendly hands ( unfriendly to the US), the Afghan war can spill into the Central Asian Republics and topple Governments there. Failed States will be the biggest challenge to the world in 2009. It would be a good idea to identify them now and take preventive action. Pakistan has been a failed State for some time now and artificially kept alive. Unlike the Auto Industry in America, there is no chapter 11 for bankrupt countries. They must be saved or there will be a 1000 Mumbais.


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