Sunday, September 28, 2008

The one state solution

In a one state solution, the Jews get a world recognized homeland, the Palestinians get their land back, the wall can be demolished, Jerusalem does not have to be divided, apartheid can be dismantled, there will be an end to suicide bombing and the demolition of Palestinian homes. The Jews and Palestinians can set an example to the rest of the world that human beings can coexist peaceful and democracy will get a boost.

That the solution is so obvious and yet unlikely to happen is one of the tragedies of our time.
It is one that the US will not support and it is one that Israel will not support on the flimsy pretense that the Jews will be in a minority. If the Jews are in a minority they will be no different than the Muslims in India or the Christians in Lebanon.

The US will not support it because the Israelis will not support it which shows how much the US political system has been hijacked by the Israel Lobby. The Israelis will not support it because it will not allow them to practice the racialism that they want to practice against the Palestinians. They feel a majority will practice the same discriminatory policies that they (The Jews) are following against the Palestinian Minorities within Israel. The low standards practiced by Israel need not be those that need be followed by a successor Constitution.

The fact that this solution will bring peace to the Middle East, be a beginning to ending terrorism or the root cause of terrorism and at the same time save face for every one does not seem to motivate either party.At the moment so sensitive is this subject that any one who talks of a one state solution runs the risk of being called an anti Semite.


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