Thursday, September 11, 2008

The need for a Dialogue with God

The need for a dialogue with God.

God is talking to us, all the time, the question is are we listening? God is not only talking to us, He is answering the questions that we are asking of Him. Because we all have questions, important questions which we don’t know the answer of but only when we are intense , when we are serious about those questions , then an answer will come.

Again, It is a question of faith. We are subconsciously addressing those questions to Him and it is our desire to learn that raises these questions in the first place.
We have to be in a mode of learning rather than in a mode of complaining. When we complain too much it is a symptom of not taking the responsibility to learn and not accepting Gods will.

God wants us to partner. Without the partnership without associating every thing with Him, without seeking out what God’s will is for us, how will we know where to go?

( Example of a navigation system.)

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