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The Destabilization of Pakistan.


"Economic mismanagement" is a term used by the Washington based international financial institutions to describe the chaos which results from not fully abiding by the IMF's Structural Adjustment Program. In actual fact, the "economic mismanagement" and chaos is the outcome of IMF-World Bank prescriptions, which invariably trigger hyperinflation and precipitate indebted countries into extreme poverty.

Editorial comment

Two magazines had Pakistan on their cover this week. Time and the Economist. Both had similar messages. "The worlds most dangerous place", screamed the Economist. "Why we need to save Pakistan", pontificated Time.

I have never regarded Time as anything but a mouth piece of the American view of the world, but always held the Economist at a higher level of objectivity. Pakistan can either be characterised as the most dangerous place on earth or as the latest "victim of the war on terror". To my disappointment the Economist has joined the bandwagon of people refusing to recognise that American Foreign policy is today the most destabilising thing that the world has known for centuries.

No one wants to ask the question as to who is threatened if Iran gets the bomb or clerics in Pakistan get control of the bomb. The only country at risk is Israel. Not the US, not Europe, not China, not India. not Russia, only Israel. My contention would be that not even Israel would be at risk and yet a "war on terror" has been launched to "protect" a terrorist state.
Western media is fast becoming irrelevant by being subjective about its analyses of events. No one dares to call Israel a terrorist State, while in the same breath they call Iran a terrorist State. They start believing their own propaganda and profess to tell us as to what is really going on.

There is no question that Pakistan is in bad shape. It is on the verge of coming apart and that it's leaders are mainly to blame for where it is today. There is also no question that American money, American bullying, American misadventures in Afghanistan, American Foreign Policy, American meddling are equally responsible for Pakistan's state of affairs. An objective analysis would point out both aspects. An objective analyses would say Pakistan cannot have a free and fair election unless the American Ambassador is sent back to Washington. There cannot be two option for Pakistan. Do the Pakistanis decide or does America decide who will lead Pakistan?

It appears that the world has decided that Pakistan is too important to be left alone and for that reason Washington will decide who will lead Pakistan. It has also been decided that once this decision has been taken and a man or woman installed after going through the motions of an election, then Pakistanis should live with the consequences.

Not to put all the blame on the US or it's allies ( followers) let us look at it from Musharraf's point of view. In eight years, while Bush has spent a trillion dollars on losing a war, Musharraf, has collected eleven billion dollars for pretending to be Bush's ally. Pakistan has never seen the likes of this money. Shut down the factories, why worry about exports, as long as rich uncle is here, Pakistan can glow in the sunshine of his wealth. The FX reserves keep getting healthier and the Finance Minister/ Prime Minister gets feted by US Magazines for his "brilliance" .

I can understand Musharraf's consternation at having lower approval ratings than Bush. It is logical for him to say the Pakistanis are not ready for Democracy. It becomes even more logical when he sees that they want to vote for Benazir/PPP or Nawaz who are known to be both incompetent and corrupt and whose record of getting money from rich uncle is dismal as compared to him. If this is the way they think, Illiterate Pakistanis don't deserve Democracy. The Americans have been right all along. Let us rig the elections. Look at Egypt. This has worked there for Thirty years. Pakistan need stability and not Democracy.

While all this is going on Rich Uncle is quietly planning to attack Iran,take over Pakistan's Nuclear facilities and break up the country to create a foothold against China. Rich uncle is not as stupid as he looks. Eleven Billion is peanuts for achieving this goal.

Musharraf knows this, except he cannot talk about it. His reasoning, eleven billion is just a down payment, give me another four years and see what I can fleece the old geyser for.

This is the story of Pakistan and all others who have prostituted themselves for America. Had Pakistan not developed the Nuclear bomb, their usefulness would have long been over. The Iranians, The Egyptians, The Saudis are watching with interest. You don't develop a nuclear bomb to use it. Just having it has greater benefits.


The Destabilization of Pakistan. Read the article at http://www.globalre index.php? context=va&aid=7705

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Zareen said...

What I have been saying for quite sometime. Details of the research are an eye opener at another / higher level.
Worth reading but cerainly disturbing.. .