Thursday, January 17, 2008

The conflict that will never be resolved

Let us be clear that Bush's trip to the Middle East has nothing to do with resolving the Palestinian/Israeli issue. Although labeled as such it appears more as a way to drum up support for proposed actions against Iran. The resolution of the Palestine/Israel conflict in Bush's mind it to drive out the Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank.

In this way it is not comparable to what Clinton tried to do at the end of his 8th year. Clinton genuinely wanted to be known as the President who resolved this problem, although Clinton never had the vision to be able to resolve it. He had been too much a part of the problem. In fact the US is identified too closely with Israel to be ever capable of being part of the solution.

The legacy that Bush wants to leave behind is as the man who flatenned Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He wants to be known as the man who made Americans safer by fighting the "terrorist" on their home turf instead of on American soil.

The interesting part of the article below is how it is taken as a given that no American President has the guts to follow an even handed policy towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. They have to wait until year 8 of their Presidency to even make a token effort.
Harry Truman first recognised the political clout of the American Jew even though his wife hated Jews. Since then the Jewish lobby has gone from strength to strength and now Foreign policy is dictated by them and not the President. These are not my words, this is what the Guardian is saying between the lines.

My words are that this is an understatement. A nation proud of its freedoms is captive to a minority with money. When money is greater than Liberty and money controls who becomes President, then that nation is not a free nation.

That Nation assumes that money can buy it popularity, power, leadership, allies. Such a nation cannot even pretend to stand for principles. When the money runs out, that nation will not know what to do. The cries of those that it terrorizes today will haunt it until eternity.

If ever that nation had the guts to submit itself to an International Tribunal of Justice, the witnesses will stretch from one end of the world to the other. The millions of children killed, maimed or orphaned, the millions of women killed, widowed or raped, the millions of civilian men killed, maimed tortured, made homeless will all be brought on record to point at this nation, that caused it to happen for no other reason than greed.

President Carter is already on record to say that no Senator or any other candidate can win an election if they expressed any intention of being fair to the Palestinians. All the candidates who want to become the next President of the US are staying clear of the subject and except for Obama, no one even wants to talk to the Iranians. This will cost Obama and he knows it. He has very little chance of making it for this one reason.

The US media can't talk about it either. They cannot even ask the candidates for their views on the subject in so called Presidential debates. Enough about the power of the Israeli Lobby. This is a fact and if the next President of the US recognises it then who are we to grumble about it.


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