Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The death of the two state solution

Annapolis is one of the least important things going on in the world today. Those of us who live in the US are being told this is important but even the media here is saying expect nothing to come out of this.
For a start both the parties are too weak to deliver anything that they agree upon. Mahmood Abbas does not enjoy the support of Hamas which is the properly elected Govt. of Palestine. Olmert is part of a Coalition which includes strong proponents of not giving any concessions and are against negotiating with Palestinians.

If this is so then why is there a summit with so much fanfare? This is apparently a Condelisa Rice Show. She is happy to go through the motions without much hope of a result. The White House has played down expectations by portraying themselves simply as hosts. Bush says, I have brought you two together, now sort it out amongst yourselves.

The most important event is the participation of Saudi Arabia, although they also participated in 1991. This is being given importance to isolate Iran and bolster the Arab group which is being set up to resist the spread of Iranian influence. There are small side shows going on. Clinton had made a major push to get a settlement, Bush in 7 years has done nothing. He needs to show something for the record. Similarly Condi who is more in touch with reality needs to show something for the books. Abbas needs a photo op to show that he is in charge. Olmert needs to recover from the shame of being beaten by Hezbollah.

There are no changes in the policies of either the US or Israel. Palestine will come out of this giving even more concessions, which will only strengthen Hammas. Annapolis will be a step backwards and not forward. There cannot be any solution which will last which is not based on being fair to both sides.

I have felt for sometimes that the two State Theory as a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict is dead. There is no more juice left in this sham theory. It has been milked for everything it was worth. The most reasonabe solution is to merge the territories into one state. Let the Jews and the Muslims live together as one nation. The US will have to spend less money to make this model a success then they do now trying to keep them separate. This the US will not do. It might just give the Shias and Sunnis some ideas about the possibility of living together peacefully.


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