Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An idea whose time has come

"What America needs to understand is something unusual for us: From Morocco to Pakistan, we are no longer seen by the majority as the good guys." Pat Buchanan

Whether the Muslims have as yet propogated a system that desrves to be looked on as an alternative remains to be seen but it is pretty clear that in its dying throes the American Empire is disgracing and humiliating itself by its lies and double standards. In the ensuing vacum two forces will compete for a universal message, those that take their inspiration from God and those that do not.
The Muslims can certainly take the credit for stopping the American Empire in its tracks by holding them to a stalemate in Iraq and Afghanistan but for bleeding to death from these wounds the Americans alone will have to take the blame. To their shame and discredit, the Muslim countries have failed to unite inspite of extreme provocation both from the US and Israel. This only encourages these two parties to treat them with the contempt that they deserve and the beatings can only continue. This can only promote the extreme elements within Islam and make them heros for having the guts to stand up for their land and honour.
The Muslims have now the uphill task of rejecting the West and rejecting their own extremists by following a message which is very much relevant and needed now more than ever, if only we could see it and have faith in it. At the core of this system is an uncompromising belief in morality which the West now only pays lip service to and have more or less taken out of their lives. The religious fundamentalists of all religions are simply peddling their texts for the worldly power and recognition that it affords them. The masses follow one side or the other because that is what they will always do.
I doubt if people will be mobilised by morality which, for most is too philosophical a subject but they will be mobilised by injustice. The idea whose time has come is Justice.

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