Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letter to my son

"Never trust America. You make it your ally at your peril. You believe it at your risk. It is a standing hazard."

Humayun Gauhar's father, Altaf Gauher was a brilliant man but nevertheless became an American stooge. The sad reality is that America at it's peak was irresistible and Pakistan became one of it's biggest victims. India was able to resist successfully.

Will it take a full American attack on Pakistani soil to unite Pakistan? I am afraid it will take nothing short of that. Will it take the destruction of another few Muslim countries to unite Muslims. I am afraid it will take nothing short of that. My scenario of the upcoming blood bath of Muslims is exactly this. It is not a prescription that I recommend. It is simply inevitable. It is the nature of the American beast.

The denial within America that it is no longer Number one is complete. The Muslims cling to past glories even after 1400 years, how can the American forget while their buildings and highways are still intact? The danger of this denial is acts of desperation in wanting to attack Iran and Pakistan never mind the Economic cost to America or the cost in lives of Iranians and Pakistanis.

One million Pakistanis will die in the coming years. That is almost certain. The only question is will they die in vain. Will those who survive have learned a lesson never to be forgotten? Do they need to die for others to learn?


Subject: LETTERS TO MY SON:Humayun Gauhar
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 06:02:53 +0000

Subject: LETTERS TO MY SON THE NATION Sunday, 14th September 2008
Humayun Gauhar
The Americans boots are coming , an event long predicted. Prepare
Humayun Gauhar

My dear Ali:
You have been bombarding me with questions about the US and NATO attack
on us. Look, son, they attacked us a long time ago. The only difference
is that now they have escalated and exacerbated the situation by
actually putting boots on our soil. Given Admiral Mullen's remorseless
statement, its entirely possible that this will happen again. Given
Bush's statement that the next president's biggest challenge would be
Pakistan and if there were another 9/11 it would come from FATA, it is
certain. Given General Kiyani's admirable response, it is also entirely
possible that Pakistan will retaliate. Then America may escalate from
helicopter gunships to F-16s or even stealth bombers. I hope this
doesn't happen, for it spells near total destruction for us, or at
least part of our country, all of which are equally dear to us. The
situation is so dangerous that apparently European NATO has distanced
itself from it, except Britain. They know that P
akistan will make Iraq
look like a picnic and Afghanistan like a massage parlour. The New York
Times, which reflects the US establishment' s thinking, claims that Bush
authorized entry of American military personnel into Pakistan. To
discredit Kiyani, whom they were lionizing only a few days ago, they
also claimed that he knew about the bombing of the Indian embassy in
Kabul, allegedly by the ISI.
Can we stand up to them, you ask, and cite the example of Iran? I have
told you that Iran has the most potent weapon in the world. It's called
Unity. They demonstrated it in their war with America's puppet Saddam's
Iraq. They are undefeatable. So were the Vietnamese for exactly the
same reason. Unity is one of the three words of our national motto, the
others being faith and discipline. We have none of them. But if we can
forge unity in our ranks, faith and discipline will inevitably follow.
Then no power on earth can defeat us. Though we seem incapable, an
American attack might do just that: bring us together as a nation like
nothing ever has. I told you I am an incorrigible optimist in even the
bleakest situations. So should you be. So should all young men and
If we cannot forge unity, then we will face a situation far more
dangerous than in 1971 when our country was rend asunder. We refused to
respect the verdict of the people, lost a war against India and half
our country with it
. Why? Because we attacked our own people for the
'crime' of having voted for their choice so they were not with us when
war came. Then India was backed by a the Soviet Union, while our great
friend and ally the United States stood by twiddling its thumbs. Now we
are being attacked directly by the sole and strongest-ever superpower,
our old friend and ally America. And again the people of the Frontier
may not be with us for the grievous harm that has been caused them.
There is still time to reclaim their emotional allegiance.
General Kiyani's statement was the voice of the people, just what they
wanted to hear. They have become skeptical over the years, and who can
blame them? If American soldiers set foot in Pakistan again and
Kiyani's words become bullets, the people will be galvanized
instantaneously. It will then be for the government to mobilize a
galvanized people, unify them and fire them with nationalist zeal. It
will have to open many other fronts, diplomatic and media especially.
Which means it will have to open the strategic communications front to
manage perceptions in our favour before they are formed against us. The
war will be won. So, finally, will real independence, for we would have
paid a price for it. And that is when we will treasure Pakistan as more
precious than our lives, not precious because it has been good to live
off for a few. If we fail, then we are staring certain sl
avery in the
Let's get down to brass tacks. The US wanted five things from
Musharraf. When he wouldn't comply they engineered his removal.
One: They want to distance us from our best and true friend China,
especially from our strategic relationship with it, like Gwadar Port.
Gwadar is a deep-sea port that can house nuclear submarines and is
closest to the mouth of the Straits of Hormuz, the main shipping lane
on which oil from the Middle East and the Caspian Basin goes to the
world. Musharraf didn't agree. Result: every new prime minister of ours
first goes to China on an official visit and Saudi Arabia on a
religious visit to underline Pakistan's close relationship with these
two countries. The new prime minister hasn't been to China yet on an
official visit (the one to the Olympics opening ceremony was last
minute and forced, when Musharraf couldn't go) and there seems to be no
urgency to undertake one. Zardari said he would go to China immediately
after taking oath as president. That has been cancelled and he is going
to the UK instead, the country which started the rot. But China is
mature and wise. It knows that this is an aberration caused by
ideological confusion and lack of identity, purpose and direction. In
any case, it will not simply stand by and watch Pakistan go down the
drain and let its encirclement be complete after investing so much in
Two: They want to
question Dr. A. Q. Khan and through him 'persuade'
the UN Security Council to pass a resolution asking America to bring
our nuclear assets under International Atomic Energy Agency (read US)
supervision and control. They want to defang our nuclear programme.
Musharraf didn't agree. The new government's slain leader had already
said that she would allow the IAEA to question Dr. Khan under certain
Three: They want to castrate our ISI and place it indirectly under
their control and then too our army in the war on terror. Musharraf
didn't agree. Result: the new government tried to place the ISI under
the control of the interior ministry. There was a hue and cry. The
notification has still not been rescinded. Remember, a handful of
British controlled India through intermediaries, the class of Indians
they had created, basically us, which was English in every respect
except for the colour of their skins.
Four: They want to be 'invited' to enter Pakistani territory to hunt
down terrorists. Musharraf didn't agree. Result: come the new
government and they have already landed in three helicopter gunships in
Pakistan's Angoor Adda, targeted a particular house and blown up part
of it, and killed 20 civilians, women and children included. And while
our foreign minister was fulminating and our corps commanders were
meeting, their missile attacks continued.
In short, they want to occupy Pakistan without bothering to
conquer it
and put a puppet government here to do it's bidding, as they have in
Afghanistan and Iraq. Musharraf is gone and the popular perception is
that the US has finally managed to install a government of its choice
under the garb of democracy, its latest weapon, shamelessly forgetting
how they used to support dictatorships to fighting communism. The
re-visitation of its earlier weapons, the IMF and the World Bank with
their inhuman conditions, through which America creates perpetual
economic dependence, is already upon us. Soon food will also become a
weapon: Kissinger said years ago, 'Control the food and you control the
nations.' Is it symbolically significant that the running dog of US
neo-imperialist capitalism was chief guest at the new President's
oath-taking ceremony?
Lets stop lamenting and blaming others and ask: what lesson do I learn
from this?
One: Never trust America. You make it your ally at your peril. You
believe it at your risk. It is a standing hazard. It has every right to
ask you to do things that are in its interest. You should agree if and
only if it is in your interest too, not otherwise. More importantly,
never agree on the basis of IOUs: get what you have to get first, or
simultaneously, and then go ahead. They use us. That is their right. We
get used. That is our stupidity. Learn to use them. That is our right.
Israel does it to perfection, not because America lov
es it but because
it fears as many as three million of them. They're brilliant.
Two: Every single government in Pakistan has committed suicide. They
are like Lemmings. They have a death wish. They don't work with
pragmatism, consensus or wisdom. They always take things to breaking
Three: Learn this most important of all lessons. It's all very well to
blame others for your woes, but no one will help you, not even the
Almighty, unless you start helping yourself first. No one will put your
house in order for you. You have to do it yourself. Pakistan is
crawling with extremists, militants and terrorists of all hues and many
nationalities. Our compatriots in the Frontier give them refuge under a
misplaced sense of 'hospitality' . We have millions of Afghans. Send
them back now that their country has been 'liberated' and they are
enjoying the joys of 'democracy'. There are many others too, westerners
included. Get rid of them also. Pakistan is rived with CIA agents
everywhere, deeper and wider than you can imagine. Clean up your
country in your own interest, not anyone else's. If you can't, or
don't, please spare us the bellyaching.

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